BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Banka Nbg Albania Sh.a.Head Office, DurresETHNALTX
Banka Societe Generale AlbaniaHead Office, DurresPUPPALTR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Durres Main Branch, DurresUSALALTRDUR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Durres Train Station Branch, DurresUSALALTRDR2
Procredit Bank Sh. A. Albania (formerly Fefad BankDurres Branch, DurresFEFAALTRDUR
Procredit Bank Sh. A. Albania (formerly Fefad BankHead Office, DurresFEFAALTR
Tirana BankHead Office, DurresTIRBALTR
Bank Of AlbaniaDega Elbasan, ElbasanSTANALT1ELX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Elbasan Branch, ElbasanUSALALTRELB
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Fier Branch, FierUSALALTRFIE
Procredit Bank Sh. A. Albania (formerly Fefad BankFier Branch, FierFEFAALTRFIE
Bank Of AlbaniaDega Gjirokastra, GjirokastraSTANALT1GJX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Gjirokastra Branch, GjirokastraUSALALTRGJR
Credins Bank Sh.aHead Office, KamezCDISALTR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Kavaja Branch, KavajeUSALALTRKJ1
Bank Of AlbaniaDega Korca, KorceSTANALT1KOX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Korce Branch, KorceUSALALTRKOR
Raiffeisen Bank Sh.a.Head Office, LacSGSBALTX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Lezha Branch, LezheUSALALTRLZH
Bank Of AlbaniaDega Lushnja, LushnjeSTANALT1LUX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Lushnja Branch, LushnjeUSALALTRLUS
Bank Of AlbaniaDega Shkodra, ShkoderSTANALT1SHX
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Shkodra Branch, ShkoderUSALALTRSH1
Alpha Bank AlbaniaHead Office, TiranaCRBAALTR
Bank Of AlbaniaHead Office, TiranaSTANALTR
Bank Of AlbaniaSporteli I Bonove Te Thesarit Bsh, TiranaSTANALT1SPX
Banka Kombetare Tregtare Sh.a.Head Office, TiranaNCBAALTX
British American Tobacco-albania Sh.p.k.No branch name, TiranaBATSALT1
Credit Agricole Albania Bank S.a.Head Office, TiranaEMPOALTR
Credit Bank Of AlbaniaHead Office, TiranaCBOAALTR
First Investment Bank-albania Sh.aHead Office, TiranaFINVALTR
International Commercial BankHead Office, TiranaICOAALTR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Head Office, TiranaUSALALTR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Lapraka Branch, TiranaUSALALTR020
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Rr Barrikadave Branch, TiranaUSALALTR010
Ministry Of Finance Of AlbaniaHead Office, TiranaMIFBALTR
Posta Shqiptare Sh.a.Head Office, TiranaSHQHALT1
Procredit Bank Sh. A. Albania (formerly Fefad BankTirana Branch, TiranaFEFAALTRTIR
Union Bank Sh.a.Head Office, TiranaUNALALTR
United Bank Of Albania Sh.aHead Office, TiranaAAISALTR
Veneto Banka Sh.aHead Office, TiranaITSVALTR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Vlora Main Branch, VloreUSALALTRVLR
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania Sh.a.Vlora Rr Sadik Zotaj Branch, VloreUSALALTRVL2

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