BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
AccessbankHead Office, BakuACABAZ22
AdjemibankHead Office, BakuADJEAZ21
Afb Bank OjscHead Office, BakuAZFIAZ22
Agbank Open Joint-stock CompanyHead Office, BakuAZEGAZ22
Agrarkredit Closed Joint-stock Society Non-bank Credit OrganizationHead Office, BakuACJTAZ22
Amrahbank Joint-stock BankHead Office, BakuAMRAAZ22
AtabankHead Office, BakuATAZAZ22
Atrabank JscHead Office, BakuATRAAZ22
AzbusinessbankHead Office, BakuAZBUAZ21
Azer-turk BankHead Office, BakuAZRTAZ22
Azerbaijan Credit BankHead Office, BakuACJOAZ22
Azerbaijan Industry Bank JscHead Office, BakuCAPNAZ22
Azerpost Limited Liability CompanyHead Office, BakuAZPOAZ22
AzersharabbankHead Office, BakuAZRSAZ21
Bank BtbHead Office, BakuBBTBAZ22
Bank Of AzerbaijanHead Office, BakuAZEJAZ22
Bank Respublika OjscHead Office, BakuBRESAZ22
Bank Silk Way OjsvHead Office, BakuAZALAZ22
Bank Technique OjscHead Office, BakuTECIAZ22
Capital Investment BankHead Office, BakuCANSAZ21
CapitalbankHead Office, BakuCAPKAZ21
Caucasus Development BankHead Office, BakuTDJOAZ22
Central Bank Of The Republic Of AzerbaijanHead Office, BakuNABZAZ2C
Central Bank Of The Republic Of AzerbaijanHead Office, BakuNABZAZ2X
Commercial Bank Deka-bankHead Office, BakuDEKBAZ22
Demirbank OjscHead Office, BakuAZERAZ22
Ege International Baku BankHead Office, BakuTRIDAZ21
Eurasia BankHead Office, BakuAVRAAZ22
ExpressbankHead Office, BakuAZENAZ22
GarantiyabankHead Office, BakuGARNAZ21
Gunaybank Joint Stock BankHead Office, BakuGUNAAZ22
Investment Commercial Bank 'nikoil' (formerly Cb 'ulpar'Head Office, BakuNICBAZ22
Joint-stock Commercial Bank Rabitabank (gazanbank BranchGazanbank Branch, BakuRBTAAZ2102G
Jsc 'zaminbank'Head Office, BakuZAMIAZ22
Jscb 'bank Standard'Head Office, BakuMOSZAZ22
Kapital BankHead Office, BakuAIIBAZ2X
Mech R BankHead Office, BakuMECHAZ21
Milli Iran BankHead Office, BakuMILIAZ21
Muganbank OjscHead Office, BakuMUGAAZ22
National Bank Of Pakistan Baku Branch (stateHead Office, BakuNBPAAZ22
Nbc Bank Open Joint Stock CompanyHead Office, BakuNBCBAZ22
Ojsc KredobankHead Office, BakuANARAZ22
Ojsc Vtb Bank (azerbaijanHead Office, BakuVTBAAZ22
Parabank JscbHead Office, BakuPAAAAZ22
Pasha BankHead Office, BakuPAHAAZ22
RabitabankHead Office, BakuRBTAAZ22
State Oil Fund Of The Republic Of AzerbaijanHead Office, BakuSOILAZ22
State Treasury AgencyHead Office, BakuCTREAZ22
The International Bank Of Azerbaijan RepublicHead Office, BakuIBAZAZ2X
Turan Commercial BankHead Office, BakuTURAAZ22
UlfatbankHead Office, BakuULFAAZ21
Unibank CbHead Office, BakuUBAZAZ22
United Credit BankHead Office, BakuUCBXAZ22
Xalq Bank Open Joint-stock CompanyHead Office, BakuHAJCAZ22
Yapikredi Azerbaijan Closed JscHead Office, BakuKABAAZ22
Gandjabank Joint Stock Commercial BankHead Office, GandjaGANJAZ22
Nakhchivanbank OjscHead Office, NakhchivanNAXBAZ22

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