BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Zagora Finacorp AdNo branch name, HaskovoZAFIBG21
Tic Saedinenie PlcHead Office, PlovdivTICEBG21
Ug Market Fund Management JscNo branch name, PlovdivUGMJBG21
Ug Market JscHead Office, PlovdivMAJSBG21
Unicredit Bulbank AdPlovdiv Branch, PlovdivUNCRBGSF720
Abv Investicii EoodHead Office, SofiaABIEBGS1
Activa Asset Management JscNo branch name, SofiaAAMJBGS1
Adamant Capital Partners AdHead Office, SofiaADCRBGS1
Agency For Credit Ratings And Analyses AdHead Office, SofiaACCGBGS1
Alfa Asset Management EadNo branch name, SofiaAAMEBGS1
Allianz Bank Bulgaria AdHead Office, SofiaBUINBGSF
Alpha Bank-Bulgaria BranchHead Office, SofiaCRBABGSF
Aval In JscHead Office, SofiaAVJCBGS1
Avc Finance PlcHead Office, SofiaAVFIBGS1
Avus CapitalHead Office, SofiaAVCABGS1
Balkan Advisory Company-ip EadHead Office, SofiaBAPDBGS1
Balkan Investment Company AdHead Office, SofiaBICYBGS1
Bank Leumi Romania-sofia BranchHead Office, SofiaLUMIBGS1
Bankservice AdHead Office, SofiaBSBGBGSF
Bankservice AdT2 Interoperability, SofiaBSBGBGSFIOP
Benchmark FinanceHead Office, SofiaBEFNBGS1
Beta Corp JscHead Office, SofiaBEJSBGS1
BgproinvestHead Office, SofiaBGPRBGS1
Bnp Paribas S.A.-Sofia BranchHead Office, SofiaBNPABGSX
Bulbrokers A DHead Office, SofiaBULBBGS1
Bulbrokers EadHead Office, SofiaBUAABGS1
Bulgarian Credit Rating AgencyHead Office, SofiaBCRCBGS1
Bulgarian Development Bank (Formerly Encouragement Bank)Head Office, SofiaNASBBGSF
Bulgarian National BankHead Office, SofiaBNBGBGSF
Bulgarian National Bank - BgnHead Office, SofiaBNBGBGSD
Bulgarian Stock ExchangeHead Office, SofiaXBULBGS1
Bulgarian-American Credit BankHead Office, SofiaBGUSBGSF
Bull Trend Brokerage LtdHead Office, SofiaBUTKBGS1
Capital Invest JscHead Office, SofiaCAIJBGS1
Capital Markets JscHead Office, SofiaCAMJBGS1
Capman Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaCPSMBGS1
Capman Inc.Head Office, SofiaCPNMBGS1
Ccb Assets Management EadNo branch name, SofiaCSMEBGS1
Central Cooperative Bank PlcHead Office, SofiaCECBBGSF
Central Depository AdHead Office, SofiaCEDPBGSF
Cibank PlcHead Office, SofiaBUIBBGSF
Citibank N.AHead Office, SofiaCITIBGSF
Citibank N.ATrade Services Department, SofiaCITIBGSFTRD
Compass Invest JscNo branch name, SofiaCOIJBGS1
Concord Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaCNAEBGS1
D Commerce Bank AdHead Office, SofiaDEMIBGSF
D.i.s.l. Securities Jsc.Head Office, SofiaDISJBGS1
De Novo EadHead Office, SofiaNODABGS1
Deltastock AdHead Office, SofiaDETTBGS1
Dilingova Finansova Kompania AdHead Office, SofiaDIFKBGS1
Dsk Bank (Formerly State Savings Bank)Head Office, SofiaSTSABGSF
Ef Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaAMNMBGS1
Elana Fund ManagementNo branch name, SofiaELFGBGS1
Elana Trading IncHead Office, SofiaELTABGS1
Emporiki Bank - Bulgaria EadHead Office, SofiaBINVBGSF
Euro-Finance LtdHead Office, SofiaEUFCBGSF
Eurobank Bulgaria AdInternational Securities Depository, SofiaBPBIBGSFISD
Eurobank Efg Bulgaria AdCustody Department, SofiaBPBIBGSFSEC
Eurobank Efg Bulgaria AdHead Office, SofiaBPBIBGSF
Expat Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaEAMGBGS1
Factori JscoHead Office, SofiaFAJSBGS1
Ffbh Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaFFAMBGS1
Fh Ever Inc.Head Office, SofiaEEERBGS1
Fina-s Ad Investment IntermediaryHead Office, SofiaFIRYBGS1
Finance Engineering JscHead Office, SofiaFIEJBGS1
First Financial Brokerage House Ltd.Head Office, SofiaFFBHBGS1
First Investment Bank AdHead Office, SofiaFINVBGSF
Focal Point Investments JscHead Office, SofiaFPIJBGS1
Global MarketsHead Office, SofiaGLMKBGS1
Ing Bank N.V. Sofia BranchHead Office, SofiaINGBBGSF
Intercard Finance AdHead Office, SofiaINTFBGSF
International Asset Bank AdHead Office, SofiaIABGBGSF
Invest Capital JscNo branch name, SofiaINCJBGS1
Investbank PlcHead Office, SofiaIORTBGSF
Invetsment Intermediary Rnk Capital AdHead Office, SofiaIIRCBGS1
Ip Favorit ClsHead Office, SofiaFALSBGS1
Ip Intercapital Markets AdHead Office, SofiaINMKBGS1
Isbank Gmbh Sofia BranchHead Office, SofiaISBKBGSF
KarollHead Office, SofiaKAOLBGS1
Karoll Capital ManagementNo branch name, SofiaKACABGS1
Kbc Securities N.v-bulgaria BranchHead Office, SofiaKSBRBGS1
Management Company Dsk Asset Management AdNo branch name, SofiaMCDABGS1
Municipal Bank Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaMUAABGS1
Municipal Bank PlcHead Office, SofiaSOMBBGSF
Peb Teximbank AdHead Office, SofiaTEXIBGSF
Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AdHead Office, SofiaPIRBBGSF
Positiva JscHead Office, SofiaPOJSBGS1
Procredit Bank (Bulgaria) AdHead Office, SofiaPRCBBGSF
Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EadHead Office, SofiaRZBBBGSF
Saglasie Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaSATGBGS1
Select Asset ManagmentNo branch name, SofiaSATTBGS1
Sky Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaSKSMBGS1
Sofia International Securities AdHead Office, SofiaSOIUBGS1
Standard InvestmentHead Office, SofiaSTVVBGS1
Status Invest AdHead Office, SofiaSTVNBGS1
Sts Finance ScHead Office, SofiaSTSFBGS1
Synergon Asset Management JscHead Office, SofiaSAMJBGS1
T.C. Ziraat Bankasi - Sofia BranchHead Office, SofiaTCZBBGSF
Tbi Asset Management EadNo branch name, SofiaTASGBGS1
Tbi Bank EadHead Office, SofiaTBIBBGSF
Tbi Invest EadHead Office, SofiaTBIEBGS1
Tokuda Bank AdHead Office, SofiaCREXBGSF
Ubb Asset ManagementNo branch name, SofiaUBATBGS1
Unicredit Bulbank AdHead Office, SofiaUNCRBGSF
Unicredit Bulbank AdSerdika Branch, SofiaUNCRBGSF031
Unicredit Bulbank AdVitosha Branch, SofiaUNCRBGSF426
United Bulgarian BankHeadquarter, SofiaUBBSBGSF
Zlaten Lev Brokeri LtdHead Office, SofiaZLLBBGS1
Zlaten Lev CapitalNo branch name, SofiaZLLCBGS1
Unicredit Bulbank AdV Tarnovo Branch, V. TarnovoUNCRBGSF081
Bulex Invest PlcHead Office, VarnaBUIVBG21
Naba Invest PlcHead Office, VarnaNAIVBG21
Real Finance AdHead Office, VarnaREIABG21
Real Finance Asset ManagementNo branch name, VarnaRFAABG21
Societe Generale ExpressbankCustody Management, VarnaTTBBBG22CUS
Societe Generale ExpressbankHead Office, VarnaTTBBBG22
Unicredit Bulbank Ad9000 Varna, VarnaUNCRBGSF733
Somoni Financial Brokerage Ltd.Head Office, ZagoraSOFKBG21

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