BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Banco De ChileAntofagasta, AntofagastaBCHICLR10R5
Banco Santander ChileAntofagasta, AntofagastaBSCHCLR10R2
Banco De ChileArica, AricaBCHICLR10R3
Banco Santander ChileArica, AricaBSCHCLR10R3
Scotiabank ChileArica, AricaBKSACLRM064
Banco Santander ChileChillan, ChillanBSCHCLR10R4
Banco De ChileConcepcion, ConcepcionBCHICLR10RC
Banco Santander ChileConcepcion, ConcepcionBSCHCLR10R5
Scotiabank ChileConcepcion, ConcepcionBKSACLRM068
Banco De ChileCoyhaique, CoyhaiqueBCHICLR10RY
Banco Santander ChileCoyhaique, CoyhaiqueBSCHCLR10R6
Banco De ChileIquique, IquiqueBCHICLR10R4
Banco Santander ChileIquique, IquiqueBSCHCLR10RA
Scotiabank ChileSantiago, IquiqueBKSACLRM055
Banco De ChileLa Serena, La SerenaBCHICLR10R6
Banco De ChilePuerto Montt, Puerto MonttBCHICLR10R8
Banco Santander ChilePuerto Montt, Puerto MonttBSCHCLR10RD
Banco De ChilePunta Arenas, Punta ArenasBCHICLR10RA
Banco Santander ChilePunta Arenas, Punta ArenasBSCHCLR10RE
Banco Santander ChileRancagua, RancaguaBSCHCLR10RF
Banchile Corredores De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoBCOSCLR1
Banco BiceHead Office, SantiagoBICECLRM
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, ChileHead Office, SantiagoBHIFCLRM
Banco Central De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBCECCLRF
Banco Central De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBCECCLRM
Banco Central De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBCECCLA1
Banco Central De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBCECCLRD
Banco ConsorcioHead Office, SantiagoMNEXCLRM
Banco De ChileExport, SantiagoBCHICLRMEXP
Banco De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBCHICLRM
Banco De ChileImport Head Office, SantiagoBCHICLRMIMP
Banco De ChileImport Other Santiago Branches, SantiagoBCHICLRMIOB
Banco De Chile, As Legal Succesor Of Citibank ChileHead Office, SantiagoCITICLRS
Banco De Credito E InversionesHead Office, SantiagoCREDCLRM
Banco De La Nacion ArgentinaHead Office, SantiagoNACNCLRM
Banco De La Provincia De Buenos AiresHead Office, SantiagoPRBACLR1
Banco Del Estado De ChileHead Office, SantiagoBECHCLRM
Banco Do Brasil S.AHead Office, SantiagoBRASCLRM
Banco FalabellaHead Office, SantiagoFALACLRM
Banco InternacionalHead Office, SantiagoBICHCLRM
Banco Itau ChileHead Office, SantiagoITAUCLRM
Banco ParisHead Office, SantiagoBCNPCLRM
Banco PentaHead Office, SantiagoBPENCLRM
Banco RipleyHead Office, SantiagoRPLYCLRM
Banco Santander ChileGlobal Custody Department, SantiagoBSCHCLRMGST
Banco Santander ChileHead Office, SantiagoBSCHCLRM
Banco SecurityHead Office, SantiagoBSCLCLRM
Bank Of America, S.a. SantiagoHead Office, SantiagoBOFACLR1
Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ufj Ltd., TheSantiago Branch, SantiagoBOTKCLRM
Bbva Corredores De Bolsa LimitadaNo branch name, SantiagoBCBDCLR1
Bci Corredor De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoBCCSCLR1
Bolsa De Comercio De SantiagoHead Office, SantiagoXSGOCLR1
Casa De Cambios Guinazu S.a.No branch name, SantiagoGINACLRM
Casa De Moneda De ChileHead Office, SantiagoCAMCCLR1
Cclv, Contraparte Central S.A.Head Office, SantiagoECCVCLRM
Celfin Capital S.a. Corredores De BolsaNo branch name, SantiagoBPABCLRM
Celfin Capital Sa Corredores De BolsaHead Office, SantiagoCCOACLR1
Celfin S.a.Head Office, SantiagoCELFCLR1
Combanc S.A.Head Office, SantiagoPCCACLRM
Consorcio Corredores De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoCNCOCLR1
Cooperativa De Consumos E De Ahorros Carabineros De Chile Ltd.Head Office, SantiagoCCACCLR1
Corp BancaHead Office, SantiagoCONBCLRM
Corpcapital Corredores De Bolsa SaHead Office, SantiagoCRRBCLR1
Corporacion Fomento De La ProduccionHead Office, SantiagoCFPCCLR1
Deposito Central De Valores S.A.Head Office, SantiagoDCVVCLRM
Deutsche Bank (Chile) S.A.Head Office, SantiagoDEUTCLRM
Deutsche Securities Corredores De Bolsa LimitadaHead Office, SantiagoDSCBCLR1
Dnb Bank Asa, Agencia En ChileHead Office, SantiagoDNBACLRM
Euroamerica Corredores De Bolsa S.aNo branch name, SantiagoEUOBCLR1
Export-import Bank Of Korea, TheHead Office, SantiagoEXIKCLR1
Factorline S.AHead Office, SantiagoFTLNCLRM
Fitch Chile Clasificadora De Reisgo LtdHead Office, SantiagoFRIPCLR1
Gbm Corredores De Bolsa LimitadaHead Office, SantiagoGCBMCLR1
Hsbc Bank (Chile)Head Office, SantiagoBLICCLRM
Im Trust S.a. Corredores De BolsaHead Office, SantiagoTROBCLR1
Itau Chile Corredor De Bolsa LtdaHead Office, SantiagoICCSCLR1
J.p. Morgan Corredores De Bolsa SpaHead Office, SantiagoMOCBCLR1
Jp Morgan Chase Bank, N.AHead Office, SantiagoCHASCLRM
Jp Morgan Chase Bank, N.ATest Key And Bke Administration, SantiagoCHASCLRMKEY
Larrain VialHead Office, SantiagoLARVCLR1
Latcam Pagos Internacionales S.a.No branch name, SantiagoLPITCLR1
Mbi Corredores De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoMBCBCLR1
Merrill Lynch Corredores De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoMLOBCLR1
Moneda Corredores De Bolsa De Bolsa LimitadaHead Office, SantiagoMCBBCLR1
Negocios Y Valores S.a C De BHead Office, SantiagoNEVACLR1
Pacific Overseas International Bank LimitedHead Office, SantiagoPAONCLR1
Penta Corredores De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, SantiagoPCOLCLR1
Rabobank ChileHead Office, SantiagoRABOCLRM
Redbanc S.aHead Office, SantiagoREBCCLR1
Samsung Electronics Chile Limitada (ltdaHead Office, SantiagoSECTCLR1
Samsung Electronics Chile Limitada (ltdaSech, SantiagoSECTCLR1850
Santander Investment S.a. Corredores De BolsaHead Office, SantiagoSANMCLR1
Scotia Corredora De BolsaHead Office, SantiagoCBSCCLR1
Scotiabank ChileHead Office, SantiagoBKSACLRM
Tanner Corredores De BolsaNo branch name, SantiagoTCBOCLR1
Tesoreria General De La RepublicaHead Office, SantiagoTEGECLR1
Banco Santander ChileLa Serena, SerenaBSCHCLR10RB
Banco Santander ChileTalca, TalcaBSCHCLR10RG
Banco De ChileTemuco, TemucoBCHICLR10R7
Banco Santander ChileTemuco, TemucoBSCHCLR10RH
Banco Santander ChileValdivia, ValdiviaBSCHCLR10RJ
Banco De ChileValparaiso, ValparaisoBCHICLR10RV
Banco Santander ChileValparaiso, ValparaisoBSCHCLR10RK
Scotiabank ChileValparaiso, ValparaisoBKSACLRM061
Banco De ChileVina Del Mar, Vina Del MarBCHICLR10R2
Banco Santander ChileVina Del Mar, Vina Del MarBSCHCLR10RL

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