BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Banque Commerciale Internationale (ex Cofipa CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleBCBPCGCG
Banque Congolaise De L'habitatHead Office, BrazzavilleBCHCCGCG
Banque De Developpement Des Etats De L'afrique Centrale (bdeacHead Office, BrazzavilleBDEACGCG
Banque Des Etats De L'afrique Centrale D.n. CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleBEACCGCG
Banque Espirito Santo CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleBESCCGCG
Banque Espirito Santo CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleBESCCGC1
Banque Internationale Du CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleCONICGC1
Banque Postale Du CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleCNNGCGCG
Bgfibank CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleBGFICGCG
Ecobank CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleECOCCGCG
La Congolaise De Banque (lcbHead Office, BrazzavilleCRAGCGCG
Societe Generale CongoHead Office, BrazzavilleSOGECGCG
United Bank For Africa, Congo BrazzHead Office, BrazzavilleUNAFCGCG
Access Bank Congo DrNo branch name, KinshasaABNGCDKI
Advans Banque CongoNo branch name, KinshasaADVBCDKX
Afriland First Bank Congo DemocratiqueNo branch name, KinshasaAFCDCDKI
Bank Of Africa-rdcNo branch name, KinshasaAFRICDKS
Banque Centrale Du CongoNo branch name, KinshasaBCCGCDKS
Banque Commerciale Du CongoNo branch name, KinshasaBCDCCDKI
Banque Continentale Africaine (zaire) SarlNo branch name, KinshasaCLUXCDK1
Banque Du Credit Agricole 'b.c.a.'No branch name, KinshasaACRBCDK1
Banque Internationale De CreditNo branch name, KinshasaBICDCDKI
Banque Internationale Pour L'afrique Au Congo (biacNo branch name, KinshasaBIACCDKI
Bgfibank RdcNo branch name, KinshasaBGFICDKI
Byblos Bank RdcNo branch name, KinshasaBYBACDKI
Caisse Centrale De Cooperation EconomiqueNo branch name, KinshasaCCNCCDK1
Citibank CongoNo branch name, KinshasaCITICDKX
Ecobank Republique Democratique Du Congo SarlNo branch name, KinshasaECOCCDKI
First International Bank DrcNo branch name, KinshasaFIBLCDKI
Fransabank (congo) SarlNo branch name, KinshasaFRZSCDK1
Nouvelle Banque De KinshasaNo branch name, KinshasaBKINCDK1
Procredit Bank Congo SarlNo branch name, KinshasaPRCBCDKI
RawbankNo branch name, KinshasaRAWBCDKI
Sofibanque SarlNo branch name, KinshasaSFBXCDKI
Standard Bank Rdc SarlNo branch name, KinshasaSBICCDKX
Trust Merchant Bank SarlNo branch name, KinshasaTRMSCD3K
Union Zairoise De BanquesNo branch name, KinshasaUZBACDK1
United Bank For Africa Rdc SarlNo branch name, KinshasaUNAFCDKS
Banque Commerciale Du CongoNo branch name, LubumbashiBCDCCDKI03L
Banque Zairoise Du Commerce ExterieurNo branch name, LubumbashiZAEXCD31
SwitapNo branch name, LubumbashiSWTTCD31
Trust Merchant Bank SarlNo branch name, LubumbashiTRMSCD3L
Banque Des Etats De L'afrique Centrale D.n. CongoOuesso, OuessoBEACCGCGALL
Banque Commerciale CongolaiseHead Office, Pointe-noireCBEBCGC1
Banque Commerciale Internationale (ex Cofipa Congo661 Pointe-noire, Pointe-noireBCBPCGCG001
Banque Des Etats De L'afrique Centrale D.n. CongoAgence De Pointe-noire, Pointe-noireBEACCGCG410
Banque Internationale Du CongoPointe-noire, Pointe-noireCONICGC10C2
Credit Du CongoHead Office, Pointe-noireBCMACGCG

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