BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Abay Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaABAYETAA
Addis International Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaABSCETAA
Agricultural And Industrial Development BankHead Office, Addis AbebaAGINETA1
Awash International Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaAWINETAA
Bank Of AbyssiniaHead Office, Addis AbebaABYSETAA
Berhan International BankHead Office, Addis AbebaBERHETAA
Bunna International Bank S.cHead Office, Addis AbebaBUNAETAA
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaArada Giorgis Branch, Addis AbebaCBETETAAARA
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaDire Dawa Main Branch, Addis AbebaCBETETAADIR
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaFinfine Branch, Addis AbebaCBETETAAFIN
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaHead Office, Addis AbebaCBETETAA
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaInternational Banking Department, Addis AbebaCBETETAAIBD
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaMehal Gebeya Branch, Addis AbebaCBETETAAMEH
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaTemenja Yaj Branch, Addis AbebaCBETETAATEM
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaTrade Service Center, Addis AbebaCBETETAADOC
Commercial Bank Of EthiopiaTreasury Department, Addis AbebaCBETETAATRY
Construction And Business BankAddis Abeba, Addis AbebaCOUUETAADOC
Construction And Business BankHead Office, Addis AbebaCOUUETAA
Dashen Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaDASHETAA
Debub Global Bank S.cHead Office, Addis AbebaDEGAETAA
Development Bank Of EthiopiaHead Office, Addis AbebaDEETETAA
Enat Bank S.cHead Office, Addis AbebaENATETAA
Lion International Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaLIBSETAA
National Bank Of EthiopiaHead Office, Addis AbebaNBETETAA
Nib International Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaNIBIETAA
Oromia International Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaORIRETAA
United Bank Share CompanyHead Office, Addis AbebaUNTDETAA
Wegagen Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaWEGAETAA
Zemen Bank S.c.Head Office, Addis AbebaZEMEETAA
Cooperative Bank Of Oromia S.c.Head Office, FinfineCBORETAA

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