BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaAkhaltsikhe Branch, AkhaltsikheUGEBGE22617
Jsc Cartu BankBatumi Branch, BatumiCRTUGE22092
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaBatumi Branch, BatumiUGEBGE22655
Tbc BankBatumi Branch, BatumiTBCBGE22835
Turkiye Is Bankasi A.s. Batumi BranchHead Office, BatumiISBKGE22
Tbc BankBorjomi Branch, BorjomiTBCBGE22762
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaGardabani Branch, GardabaniUGEBGE22622
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaGori Branch, GoriUGEBGE22602
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaGurjaani Branch, GurjaaniUGEBGE22624
Jsc Cartu BankKutaisi Branch, KutaisiCRTUGE22087
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaKutaisi Branch, KutaisiUGEBGE22605
Tbc BankKutaisi Branch, KutaisiTBCBGE22888
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaMarneuli Branch, MarneuliUGEBGE22639
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaOzurgeti Branch, OzurgetiUGEBGE22643
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaPoti Branch, PotiUGEBGE22606
Tbc BankPoti Branch, PotiTBCBGE22937
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaRustavi Branch, RustaviUGEBGE22607
Tbc BankRustavi Branch, RustaviTBCBGE22844
Bank Of Georgia0179 Tbilisi, TbilisiBAGAGE22GTS
Bank Of GeorgiaCustody Services, TbilisiBAGAGE22CUS
Bank Of GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiBAGAGE22
Basisbank, JscHead Office, TbilisiCBASGE22
British American Tobacco Georgia LimitedNo branch name, TbilisiBATSGE21
Finca Bank Georgia JscNo branch name, TbilisiFGEOGE22
Galt And Taggart (jsc) SecuritiesHead Office, TbilisiGTJSGE21
Georgian Investment GroupHead Office, TbilisiGEIGGE21
Halyk Bank Georgia JscHead Office, TbilisiHABGGE22
International Bank Of Azerbaijan-GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiIBAZGE22
Jsc Bta BankHead Office, TbilisiDISNGE22
Jsc Cartu BankHead Office, TbilisiCRTUGE22
Jsc Cartu BankMtatsminda Branch, TbilisiCRTUGE22086
Jsc Caucasus Development Bank-georgiaNo branch name, TbilisiDEVGGE22
Jsc Kor Standard BankHead Office, TbilisiKSBGGE22
Jsc Kor Standard BankHead Office, TbilisiAGREGE22
Jsc Liberty BankHead Office, TbilisiLBRTGE22
Jsc Pasha Bank GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiPAHAGE22
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaAbkhazeti Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22687
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaCentral Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22615
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaDidube Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22665
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiUGEBGE22
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaKrzanini Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22668
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaMtatsminda Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22666
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaRustaveli Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22604
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaSaburtalo Branch, TbilisiUGEBGE22670
Mfo Intel Express Georgia LtdHead Office, TbilisiINEXGE22
Mfo Intel Express Georgia LtdHead Office, TbilisiINEXGE21
Millennium Worx LlcHead Office, TbilisiMLNMGE22
National Bank Of GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiBNLNGE22
Procredit Bank, GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiMIBGGE22
ProgressbankHead Office, TbilisiPRSGGE22
Russian-georgian Bank Of Reconstruction And DevelopmentHead Office, TbilisiRGBRGE21
T.C. Ziraat Bankasi A.S. Tbilisi BranchHead Office, TbilisiTCZBGE22
Tbc BankCentral Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22830
Tbc BankDidube Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22836
Tbc BankHead Office, TbilisiTBCBGE22
Tbc BankMarjanishvili Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22850
Tbc BankMtatsminda Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22821
Tbc BankNadzaladevi Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22820
Tbc BankSaburtalo Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22838
Tbc BankVera Branch, TbilisiTBCBGE22818
Treasury Service Ministry Of Finance Of GeorgiaHead Office, TbilisiTSMFGE22
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaTelavi Branch, TelaviUGEBGE22629
Tbc BankTelavi Branch, TelaviTBCBGE22824
Jsc Vtb Bank GeorgiaZugdidi Branch, ZugdidiUGEBGE22603

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