BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdBeer-sheva Main Branch, Beer-ShevaMIZBILITBSV
Israel Credit Cards Ltd.Head Office, GivatayimICCEILI1
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Haifa Branch, HaifaLUMIILITHAI
Five Capital Markets Ltd.No branch name, HaifaFIPKILI1
Investsoft LtdHead Office, HaifaIVSOILI1
Israel Discount Bank LtdHaifa, HaifaIDBLILITHAI
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdHaifa Main Branch, HaifaMIZBILITHAI
Union Bank Of Israel LtdHaifa, HaifaUNBKILITHAI
Pacific Mediterranean Investment LimitedHead Office, Herzelia PituachPAMIILI1
Contech LpHead Office, HerzeliyaCONHILI1
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Jerusalem Branch, JerusalemLUMIILITJLM
Bank Of IsraelHead Office, JerusalemBOICILIJ
Bank Of IsraelHead Office, JerusalemISRAILIJ
Bank Of IsraelHead Office, JerusalemISRAILIR
Bank Yahav For Goverment Employees LtdHead Office, JerusalemBYAHILI1
Israel Postal BankHead Office, JerusalemIPOAILIJ
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdJerusalem Main Branch, JerusalemMIZBILITJLM
Union Bank Of Israel LtdJerusalem, JerusalemUNBKILITJLM
Arab Israel Bank LtdHead Office, NesherARISILI1
Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd.Head Office, Ramat-GanOTSHILIT
Brevan Howard (israel) LimitedHead Office, Ramat-GanBRHRILI1
Excellence Nessuah Brokerage Services LimitedHead Office, Ramat-GanZNNXILI1
First International Bank Of Israel Ltd.,TheDiamond Exchange Branch, Ramat-GanFIRBILITDEX
Fs Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd Ramat GanHead Office, Ramat-GanMITGILI1
Israel Discount Bank LtdDiamond Exchange, Ramat-GanIDBLILITDMD
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdDiamond Exchange Branch, Ramat-GanMIZBILITDMD
State Bank Of IndiaHead Office, Ramat-GanSBINILIT
Union Bank Of Israel LtdDiamond Branch, Ramat-GanUNBKILITDMD
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Cls, Tel-AvivPOALILITCLS
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Foreign Currency For All Branches In Israel, Tel-AvivPOALILITFMT
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Foreign Trade For All Branches In Israel, Tel-AvivPOALILITFTD
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Forex And Money Market Confirmations, Tel-AvivPOALILITBKR
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Forex And Money Market Payments, Tel-AvivPOALILITDLR
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Head Office, Tel-AvivPOALILIT
Bank Hapoalim B.M.Securities, Tel-AvivPOALILITCBS
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Banking Services Center, Tel-AvivLUMIILITBSC
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Cls Operations, Tel-AvivLUMIILITCLS
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Tel-aviv Main Branch, Tel-AvivLUMIILITTLV
Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M.Tel-aviv Main Branch, Tel-AvivLUMIILIT
Bank Massad Ltd.Head Office, Tel-AvivMASBILIT
Bank Of Jerusalem Ltd. Tel-AvivHead Office, Tel-AvivJERSILIT
Barak Capital G.t LimitedNo branch name, Tel-AvivBRTPILI1
Batucha Securities And Investments LimitedHead Office, Tel-AvivBASVILI1
Bnp Paribas IsraelHead Office, Tel-AvivBNPAILI1
Bnp Paribas IsraelHead Office, Tel-AvivBNPAILIT
Citibank N.AHead Office, Tel-AvivCITIILIT
Citibank N.ATrade Services Dept, Tel-AvivCITIILITTRD
Citigroup Financial Products Israel LimitedHead Office, Tel-AvivCFPSILI1
Dexia Israel Bank LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivOTHHILIT
Dexia Israel Bank LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivOTHHILI1
Ds Stock Exchange Services Ltd.Head Office, Tel-AvivSTXSILI1
First International Bank Of Israel Ltd.,TheHead Office, Tel-AvivFIRBILIT
First International Bank Of Israel Ltd.,TheTel-aviv, Tel-AvivFIRBILITCBR
Hsbc Bank Plc, Tel AvivHead Office, Tel-AvivHSBCILIT
Israel Brokerage And Investment LimitedHead Office, Tel-AvivISBNILI1
Israel Discount Bank LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivIDBLILIT
Leader And Co. InvestmentsHead Office, Tel-AvivLEINILI1
Magna Asset ManagementHead Office, Tel-AvivMGATILI1
Meitav Brokerage Services Gaon Trade) LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivMBSGILI1
Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.Head Office, Tel-AvivBARDILIT
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivMIZBILIT
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LtdTel-aviv Main Branch, Tel-AvivMIZBILITTLV
Ofek Securities And Investments LimitedHead Office, Tel-AvivOFSIILI1
Poalim Sahar LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivPOSHILI1
Tel Aviv Stock ExchangeHead Office, Tel-AvivXTAEILIC
Tel Aviv Stock ExchangeHead Office, Tel-AvivXTAEILIB
Tel Aviv Stock ExchangeHead Office, Tel-AvivXTAEILIM
Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange Clearing HouseHead Office, Tel-AvivXTAEILIT
Trade Bank Ltd.Head Office, Tel-AvivTRADILI1
Union Bank Of Israel LtdHead Office, Tel-AvivUNBKILIT
Union Bank Of Israel LtdInternational Branch, Tel-AvivUNBKILITINT
Union Bank Of Israel LtdTel-aviv Head Office, Tel-AvivUNBKILITTLV
Samsung Telecommunication R And D-israelHead Office, YakumSECTILI1
Samsung Telecommunication R And D-israelYakum 3743754, YakumSECTILI1432

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