BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Abc InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanABCVJOA1
Abdul Kareem Al-rawi And Partner Exchange CoHead Office, AmmanRAWIJOAM
Agricultural Credit CorporationHead Office, AmmanACRCJOA1
Ahli Brokerage CompanyHead Office, AmmanAHBOJOA1
Ajiad For SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanAJSEJOA1
Al Alami Exchange CompanyHead Office, AmmanALEYJOAM
Al Alami Exchange CompanyHead Office, AmmanALEYJOA1
Al Amal Financial Invesments Co. LtdHead Office, AmmanAMFNJOA1
Al Arabi Investment Group Co.Head Office, AmmanATIGJOA1
Al Arabi Investment Group CompanyHead Office, AmmanAIGMJOA1
Al Awael InternationalHead Office, AmmanAWAIJOA1
Al Mawared For Brokerage CompanyHead Office, AmmanMBRCJOA1
Al Rajhi Bank, Jordan BranchHead Office, AmmanRJHIJOAM
Al Wameedh For Financial Services And InvestmentHead Office, AmmanWFSIJOA1
Al-aula Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanALNTJOA1
Al-bilad For Securities And InvestmentHead Office, AmmanALSVJOA1
Al-hekma Financial ServicesHead Office, AmmanALLEJOA1
Al-nakheel ExchangeHead Office, AmmanNAKHJOAM
Al-omana'a Portfolio And InvestmentHead Office, AmmanALPMJOA1
Al-sahm International For Investment And BrokerageHead Office, AmmanAIIRJOA1
Al-salam For Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanASFTJOA1
Al-shorouq Financial BrokersHead Office, AmmanALNBJOA1
Al-watanieh For Financial Services Co.Head Office, AmmanALNEJOA1
Alawneh Exchange L.l.cHead Office, AmmanALELJOAM
Aleman Financial InvestmentHead Office, AmmanALNVJOA1
Alnour For Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanANFNJOA1
Alsafwa Finincial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanASFVJOA1
Aman For SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanAMSIJOA1
Amman Bank For InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanAMBIJOM1
Amman Stock ExchangeHead Office, AmmanXAMMJOA1
Amwal BrokerageHead Office, AmmanAMWBJOA1
Arab Bank PlcAbdali Branch, AmmanARABJOAX119
Arab Bank PlcAbdoun Branch, AmmanARABJOAX133
Arab Bank PlcAbu Alanda, AmmanARABJOAX131
Arab Bank PlcAl-jubeiha Branch, AmmanARABJOAX126
Arab Bank PlcCentral Operations Unit-trade Finance Services, AmmanARABJOAX501
Arab Bank PlcCentralized Inward Transfers Dept, AmmanARABJOAXCUT
Arab Bank PlcCentralized Outward Transfers Dept, AmmanARABJOAXTRF
Arab Bank PlcCentralized Salaries Unit, AmmanARABJOAXSLR
Arab Bank PlcFifth Circle Branch, AmmanARABJOAX134
Arab Bank PlcGardens Branch, AmmanARABJOAX128
Arab Bank PlcGeneral Secretariat Department, AmmanARABJOAXSEC
Arab Bank PlcHead Office, AmmanARABJOAX
Arab Bank PlcInternational Banking Division, AmmanARABJOAXINT
Arab Bank PlcJabal Amman Branch, AmmanARABJOAX115
Arab Bank PlcJabal Hussein Branch, AmmanARABJOAX116
Arab Bank PlcJabal Luweibdeh Branch, AmmanARABJOAX113
Arab Bank PlcJordan Branches Centre, AmmanARABJOAX100
Arab Bank PlcKing Faisal Street, AmmanARABJOAX111
Arab Bank PlcMahatia Street Branch, AmmanARABJOAX112
Arab Bank PlcMecca Street Branch, AmmanARABJOAX139
Arab Bank PlcOperations Division, AmmanARABJOAXOPS
Arab Bank PlcPrivate Banking Department 6, AmmanARABJOAXPBD
Arab Bank PlcQuraysh Street Branch, AmmanARABJOAX108
Arab Bank PlcRabia Branch, AmmanARABJOAX138
Arab Bank PlcShmeisani Branch, AmmanARABJOAX118
Arab Bank PlcSuwaifeyya Branch, AmmanARABJOAX130
Arab Bank PlcSuweileh Branch, AmmanARABJOAX110
Arab Bank PlcTest Key Department, AmmanARABJOAXTKD
Arab Bank PlcUniversity Street, AmmanARABJOAX125
Arab Bank PlcWadi Seer Branch, AmmanARABJOAX162
Arab Bank PlcWahdat Branch, AmmanARABJOAX114
Arab Banking Corporation (jordanHead Office, AmmanABCJJOAM
Arab Falcon For Selling And Buying SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanAFSUJOA1
Arab Jordan Investment BankHead Office, AmmanAJIBJOAX
Asia Stock BrokersHead Office, AmmanASSKJOA1
Awraq InvestmentHead Office, AmmanAWRIJOA1
Baghdad Exchange Co.Head Office, AmmanBAEXJOAM
Bank AletihadHead Office, AmmanUBSIJOAX
Bank Audi Sal-audi Saradar Group-jordan BranchesHead Office, AmmanAUDBJOAM
Bank Of Jordan PlcHead Office, AmmanBJORJOAX
Blom Bank S.A.L.Head Office, AmmanBLOMJOAM
Business Women Trading SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanBWTSJOA1
Cairo Amman BankHead Office, AmmanCAABJOAM
Capital Bank Of JordanHead Office, AmmanEFBKJOAM
Capital InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanCPIVJOA1
Central Bank Of JordanHead Office, AmmanCBJOJOAX
Citibank N.A.Head Office, AmmanCITIJOAX
Cities And Villages Development BankHead Office, AmmanCVDBJOA1
Delta Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanDEFVJOA1
Egyptian Arab Land BankHead Office, AmmanARLBJOAM
Elite Financial ServicesNo branch name, AmmanELFEJOA1
Experts Financial ServicesHead Office, AmmanEXFSJOA1
Friends Financial Investment And BrokerageHead Office, AmmanFFIBJOA1
Future Exchange Co., Ltd.Head Office, AmmanFUEXJOAM
Global Investment House JordanHead Office, AmmanGIHJJOA1
Housing Bank For Trade And Finance, TheHead Office, AmmanHBHOJOAX
Imcan For Financial ServicesHead Office, AmmanIMFSJOA1
Industrial Development BankHead Office, AmmanIDEVJOA1
International Financial AdvisorsHead Office, AmmanIFAVJOA1
International Financial CenterHead Office, AmmanITFEJOA1
Investment And SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanISEUJOA1
Investment House For Financial ServicesHead Office, AmmanIHFSJOA1
Islamic International Arab BankCentral Operations Department Back Office, AmmanIIBAJOAMJBC
Islamic International Arab BankCentral Operations Department Lcs, AmmanIIBAJOAM100
Islamic International Arab BankCentral Operations Department Lgs And Bcs, AmmanIIBAJOAM300
Islamic International Arab BankCentral Operations Department Transfers, AmmanIIBAJOAM200
Islamic International Arab BankHead Office, AmmanIIBAJOAM
Jordan Ahli Bank PlcJordan Branches Management, AmmanJONBJOAX
Jordan And Gulf Investment IndustrialHead Office, AmmanJGIIJOA1
Jordan Commercial BankHead Office, AmmanJGBAJOAM
Jordan Dubai Islamic BankHead Office, AmmanJDIBJOAM
Jordan Islamic BankAl-hussein Branch, AmmanJIBAJOAM111
Jordan Islamic BankAl-yarmouk Street Branch, AmmanJIBAJOAM113
Jordan Islamic BankAmman Branch, AmmanJIBAJOAM110
Jordan Islamic BankH O, AmmanJIBAJOAM115
Jordan Islamic BankHead Office, AmmanJIBAJOAM
Jordan Islamic BankSaqf El-sail Branch, AmmanJIBAJOAM112
Jordan Kuwait BankHead Office, AmmanJKBAJOAM
Jordan River Financial InvestmentHead Office, AmmanJRFIJOA1
Kamal Exchange Co L.l.cHead Office, AmmanMAKSJOAX
Kamiran Ali And Partner Exchange CoHead Office, AmmanHUDAJOAM
Khaled Hasan, Hadi Washaka, And Muwaffaq Abdel Jaleel Exchange Co.Head Office, AmmanKHHWJOAM
Lbda' For Financial InvestmentHead Office, AmmanLBDAJOA1
Moh'd Fawas Abu Ennaser And Partners Exchange CompanyHead Office, AmmanABOXJOA1
Mubadala Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanMUFNJOA1
National Bank Of Abu DhabiHead Office, AmmanNBADJOAM
National Bank Of Abu DhabiTrade Finance Department, AmmanNBADJOAMTFO
National Bank Of KuwaitHead Office, AmmanNBOKJOAM
National Portfolio SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanNAPSJOA1
National Securities CompanyHead Office, AmmanNSECJOA1
Osool Inv And Fin Srv CoHead Office, AmmanOIFSJOA1
Palestine Establishment For ExchangeHead Office, AmmanNADIJOA1
Sabaek For Financial ServicesHead Office, AmmanSALEJOA1
Samir And Sameh Bros. For InvestmentHead Office, AmmanSSBNJOA1
Samsung Electronics Levant Ltd.Amman, AmmanSECTJOA1770
Samsung Electronics Levant Ltd.Head Office, AmmanSECTJOA1
Sanabel Alkhair For Financial InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanSAFTJOA1
Selwan Financial BrokersHead Office, AmmanSEFRJOA1
Shareco Brokerage Co.Head Office, AmmanSHBRJOA1
Shua'a For Securities Trading And InvestmentsHead Office, AmmanSSTIJOA1
Societe Generale De Banque-jordanieHead Office, AmmanSGMEJOAM
Societe Generale Jordan-brokerageHead Office, AmmanSGJBJOA1
Standard Chartered BankHead Office, AmmanSCBLJOAX
Sukook Investment And BrokerageHead Office, AmmanSUIOJOA1
TadawolHead Office, AmmanTADAJOA1
Tanmia Securities Inc.Head Office, AmmanTAERJOA1
The Arab Financial InvestmentHead Office, AmmanARFVJOA1
The Bankers For Brokerage And Financial InvestHead Office, AmmanBRFIJOA1
The Financial Investment Company For Shares And BondsHead Office, AmmanFIOHJOA1
Union Financial BrokerageHead Office, AmmanUNFBJOA1
United Arabian Jordanian For Investment And Brokerage ServicesHead Office, AmmanUAJIJOA1
United Co. For Investment And SecuritiesHead Office, AmmanUNNCJOA1
United Financial Investments PlcHead Office, AmmanUNFNJOA1
Arab Bank PlcAqaba Branch, AqabaARABJOAX122
Central Bank Of JordanAqaba Branch, AqabaCBJOJOAX02A
Standard Chartered BankAqaba, AqabaSCBLJOA102A
Al Fares For Financial Invest CoHead Office, IrbidFRRSJOA1
Arab Bank PlcIrbid Branch, IrbidARABJOAX120
Central Bank Of JordanIrbid Branch, IrbidCBJOJOAX021
Cities And Villages Development BankIrbid, IrbidCVDBJOA102I
Standard Chartered BankIrbid, IrbidSCBLJOA102I
Arab Bank PlcJerash Branch, JerashARABJOAX107
Arab Bank PlcKarak Branch, KarakARABJOAX102
Cities And Villages Development BankKarak, KarakCVDBJOA102K
Arab Bank PlcMaan Branch, Ma'anARABJOA102M
Arab Bank PlcMadaba Branch, MadabaARABJOA1023
Arab Bank PlcMafraq Branch, MafraqARABJOAX104
Arab Bank PlcMarqa Branch, MarqaARABJOAX117
Arab Bank PlcRusseifa Branch, RusseifaARABJOAX105
Arab Bank PlcSahab Industrial City, SahabARABJOAX161
Arab Bank PlcSalt Branch, SaltARABJOA1026
Arab Bank PlcDealing Room, ShmeisaniARABJOAXDLR
Arab Bank PlcZerqa Branch, ZerkaARABJOAX121

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