BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Teb ShaKlina, KlinaTEBKXKPR030
Jugobanka, Jugobanka A.d. Kosovska MitrovicaNo branch name, Kosovska MitrovicaJJKMXK21
Banka Kombetare Tregtare Sh.aNo branch name, PristinaNCBAXKPR
Banka Per Biznes Sh.a.No branch name, PristinaBPBXXKPR
Central Bank Of The Republic Of KosovoNo branch name, PristinaCBRKXKPR
Nlb Prishtina Sh.a.No branch name, PristinaNLPRXKPR
Procredit Bank Kosovo (formerly Micro Enterprise Bank, Pristina, KosovoNo branch name, PristinaMBKOXKPR
Raiffeisen Bank KosovoNo branch name, PristinaRBKOXKPR
Teb ShaDardania, PristinaTEBKXKPR020
Teb ShaDrenas, PristinaTEBKXKPR024
Teb ShaFerizaj, PristinaTEBKXKPR013
Teb ShaFushe Kosova, PristinaTEBKXKPR014
Teb ShaGjakova, PristinaTEBKXKPR018
Teb ShaGjilan, PristinaTEBKXKPR017
Teb ShaHani Elezit, PristinaTEBKXKPR029
Teb ShaLypjan, PristinaTEBKXKPR026
Teb ShaMain, PristinaTEBKXKPR011
Teb ShaMalisheva, PristinaTEBKXKPR023
Teb ShaMitrovica, PristinaTEBKXKPR027
Teb ShaNo branch name, PristinaTEBKXKPR
Teb ShaPeja, PristinaTEBKXKPR015
Teb ShaPeja City Office, PristinaTEBKXKPR031
Teb ShaPristina Qendra, PristinaTEBKXKPR034
Teb ShaPrizren Main, PristinaTEBKXKPR028
Teb ShaQafa City Office, PristinaTEBKXKPR033
Teb ShaRahovec, PristinaTEBKXKPR019
Teb ShaShadervan, PristinaTEBKXKPR012
Teb ShaSkenderaj, PristinaTEBKXKPR022
Teb ShaTheranda, PristinaTEBKXKPR025
Teb ShaUlpiana, PristinaTEBKXKPR021
Teb ShaVushtrri, PristinaTEBKXKPR016
Turkiye Is Bankasi A.s.pristina BranchNo branch name, PristinaISBKXKPR

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