BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Cedrus Invest Bank S.a.lHead Office, AchrafiehCIBXLBBE
Mecattaf S.a.lHead Office, Awkar El MetnMECALBBE
Al Baraka Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutALCVLBBE
Al Bilad Islamic Bank For Investment And Finance PscHead Office, BeirutAIIFLBBE
Al Mawarid Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutMABALBBE
Arab African International BankHead Office, BeirutARAILBBE
Arab Bank PlcBeirut Branch, BeirutARABLBB10B6
Arab Bank PlcDora Branch, BeirutARABLBB10B2
Arab Bank PlcLebanon Branches Centre, BeirutARABLBBX
Arab Bank PlcMazraa Branch, BeirutARABLBB10B3
Arab Bank PlcRas Beirut Branch, BeirutARABLBB10B4
Arab Bank PlcVerdun Branch, BeirutARABLBB10B5
Arab Finance Corporation SalHead Office, BeirutAFCOLBBE
Arab Finance House Sal (islamic BankHead Office, BeirutAFHOLBBE
Arab Investment Bank SalHead Office, BeirutARBVLBBE
Audi Investment Bank SalHead Office, BeirutINFSLBB1
Audi Saradar Investment Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutAUSILBBE
Audi Saradar Private Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBSARLBBX
B.l.c. Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutLICOLBBX
Bank Al Madina Sal.Head Office, BeirutMADILBL1
Bank Audi Sal-audi Saradar GroupHead Office, BeirutAUDBLBBX
Bank Of BaghdadHead Office, BeirutBABILBBE
Bank Of Beirut Invest S.a.lHead Office, BeirutBOBPLBBE
Bank Of Beirut S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBABELBBE
Bankmed,salHead Office, BeirutMEDLLBBX
Banque Bemo SalHead Office, BeirutEUMOLBBE
Banque De Credit National S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBCNBLBBE
Banque De L'habitat S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutLHBALBBX
Banque De L'industrie Et Du Travail S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBTLVLBBE
Banque Du Credit Populaire S A LHead Office, BeirutNUDTLBB1
Banque Du LibanAccounting Department, BeirutBDLCLBBXACD
Banque Du LibanBeirut, BeirutBDLCLBBXASA
Banque Du LibanBeirut, BeirutBDLCLBBXTIA
Banque Du LibanCurrent Operations Department, BeirutBDLCLBBXCOD
Banque Du LibanFinancial Operations Department, BeirutBDLCLBBXFOD
Banque Du LibanForeign Exchange Department, BeirutBDLCLBBXFXD
Banque Du LibanHead Office, BeirutBDLCLBBA
Banque Du LibanHead Office, BeirutBDLCLBBC
Banque Du LibanHead Office, BeirutBDLCLBBG
Banque Du LibanHead Office, BeirutBDLCLBBX
Banque Du LibanMinistry Of Finance-treasury And Public Debt Directorate, BeirutBDLCLBBXMOF
Banque Joseph Geagea S A LHead Office, BeirutBJGELBB1
Banque Libano FrancaiseHead Office, BeirutBLFSLBBX
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBMISLBBE
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Mar Elias Street Branch, BeirutBMISLBB10B2
Banque Pharaon Et Chiha S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBPHCLBBE
Bbac SalHead Office, BeirutBBACLBBX
Beirut Stock ExchangeHead Office, BeirutXBEYLBB1
Bemo Securitisation SalHead Office, BeirutBEMSLBB1
Blc Invest S.a.lHead Office, BeirutBLIVLBBE
Blom Bank S.A.L.Head Office, BeirutBLOMLBBX
Blom Development Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBDBLLBBE
Blominvest Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBLINLBBE
Bsl Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutSONBLBBE
Byblos Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBYBALBBX
Byblos Invest Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBYBILBBX
Centre De Traitement Monetique SalHead Office, BeirutCDTMLBB1
Citibank BeirutHead Office, BeirutCITILBBE
Council For Development And ReconstructionHead Office, BeirutCDRALBB1
Credit Commercial Et Foncier SalHead Office, BeirutCCFXLBBE
Credit Financier Sal.Head Office, BeirutCRFCLBBE
Credit Libanais Investment Bank SalHead Office, BeirutLIBNLBBE
Credit Libanais S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutCLIBLBBX
Creditbank SalHead Office, BeirutCBCBLBBE
Cscbank SalHead Office, BeirutCCSCLBBE
Emirates Lebanon Bank SalHead Office, BeirutELBKLBBX
Federal Bank Of Lebanon S A LHead Office, BeirutFBLELBBX
Fenicia Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutBKAWLBBE
Ffa Private Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutFFAILBBE
Fidus Sal Groupe Societe Generale De Banque Au LibanHead Office, BeirutFIDRLBB1
Fidus Sal Groupe Societe Generale De Banque Au LibanHead Office, BeirutFIDRLBBX
Finance BankHead Office, BeirutFBLBLBBX
First National Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutFINKLBBE
Fransa Invest BankHead Office, BeirutFRAILBBE
Fransabank SalHead Office, BeirutFSABLBBX
Habib Bank LimitedHead Office, BeirutHABBLBBE
Hsbc Bank Middle EastHead Office, BeirutBBMELBBX
Ibl Bank S.a.l.(formerly Intercontinental Bank Of Lebanon S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutINLELBBE
Ibl Investment Bank SalHead Office, BeirutIBLVLBBE
International Payment Network (ipnHead Office, BeirutIPNBLBB1
Invest Bank (p.s.c.Head Office, BeirutIBTFLBBE
Jammal Trust Bank SalHead Office, BeirutJTBKLBBE
Kafalat S.a.l. Guarantees For Small And Medium EnterprisesHead Office, BeirutKAFALBBE
Lebanese Islamic Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutLIBBLBBE
Lebanese Swiss Bank SalHead Office, BeirutLEBSLBBX
Lebanon And Gulf Bank SalHead Office, BeirutLGBALBBE
Lebanon Invest S.a.lHead Office, BeirutLINVLBB1
Libank S.a.l. (levant Investment BankHead Office, BeirutLIBKLBBE
Litex Bank S A LHead Office, BeirutLITELBB1
Lucid Investment Corporation (l.i.c) SalNo branch name, BeirutLUCILBBX
Meab SalHead Office, BeirutBAMOLBBE
Medinvestment Bank SalHead Office, BeirutMIBLLBBX
Medsecurities Investment SalHead Office, BeirutMENVLBB1
Mena Invest S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutMENALBBE
Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner And Smith (me) S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutMPFSLBB1
Midclear S.a.l.Beirut, BeirutMIDRLBBEASA
Midclear S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutMIDRLBBE
Middle East Airlines-airlibanHead Office, BeirutMEALLBBE
Middle East Capital GroupHead Office, BeirutMECXLBBE
Middle East Capital Group S.a.lHead Office, BeirutMIDDLBB1
Ministry Of FinanceHead Office, BeirutMINFLBBE
National Bank Of Abu DhabiHead Office, BeirutNBADLBB1
National Bank Of Kuwait (lebanon) SalHead Office, BeirutNBOKLBBE
Near East Commercial Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutNECBLBBE
North Africa Commercial Bank S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutNACBLBBE
Optimum Invest SalHead Office, BeirutOPTILBBE
ParibasHead Office, BeirutPARBLBB1
Qatar National BankHead Office, BeirutQNBALBBE
Rafidain BankHead Office, BeirutRAFBLBBE
Saudi Lebanese Bank Sal.Head Office, BeirutSLBLLBBX
Saudi National Commercial Bank-beirutHead Office, BeirutSNCBLBBE
Societe Financiere Du Liban SalHead Office, BeirutLISFLBBE
Societe Generale De Banque Au Liban S.a.l.Head Office, BeirutSGLILBBX
Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank Sal.Head Office, BeirutSYLCLBBE
United Bank Of Saudi And LebanonHead Office, BeirutUBSLLBB1
Arab Bank PlcChtoura Branch, ChtouraARABLBB1024
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Chtoura, ChtouraBMISLBB1025
Arab Bank PlcMina Branch, JbeilARABLBB1026
Arab Bank PlcTal Branch, JbeilARABLBB1022
Arab Bank PlcZahreih Branch, JbeilARABLBB1025
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Jounieh, JouniehBMISLBB1026
Arab Bank PlcSaida, SaidaARABLBB1023
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Saida, SaidaBMISLBB1023
Arab Bank PlcShyah Branch, ShyahARABLBBX0B7
Arab Bank PlcSin El-fil Branch, Sin El-filARABLBBX0B8
Societe D'investissements Financier S SalHead Office, Sin El-filSODALBB1
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Tripoli, TripoliBMISLBB1022
Banque Misr Liban S.a.l.Zahle, ZahleBMISLBB1024

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