BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Accessbank LiberiaHead Office, MonroviaACLILRLM
Afriland First Bank Liberia LimitedHead Office, MonroviaCCEILRLM
Agricultural And Cooperative Develoment BankHead Office, MonroviaAGRCLRL1
Central Bank Of LiberiaHead Office, MonroviaCBLRLRLM
Central Bank Of LiberiaNo branch name, MonroviaCBLRLRLA
Citibank N.A.Head Office, MonroviaCITILRL1
Ecobank Liberia LimitedHead Office, MonroviaECOCLRLM
First International Bank Liberia LimitedHead Office, MonroviaFIERLRLM
Global Bank Liberia Limited (member Bankphb GroupHead Office, MonroviaPHBXLRLM
Guaranty Trust Bank (liberia) LimitedHead Office, MonroviaGTBILRLM
International Bank (liberia) LimitedHead Office, MonroviaIBLRLRLM
Liberian Bank For Development And Investment, TheHead Office, MonroviaLBDELRLM
Liberian Trading And Development Bank, TheHead Office, MonroviaTLTRLRL1
Meridien Biao Bank Liberia LtdHead Office, MonroviaLIMELRL1
National Bank Of LiberiaHead Office, MonroviaNBLILRL1
United Bank For Africa (liberia) LimitedHead Office, MonroviaUNAFLRLM
West Bank4uHead Office, MonroviaWETTLRL1

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