BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
BenderysocbankHead Office, BenderyBENRMD21
Cjsc Agroprombank'Bendery Branch, BenderyAGRRMD21BEN
Banca Comerciala Eximbank-gruppo Veneto Banca S.a.Head Office, ChisinauEXMMMD22
Banca De Finante Si Comert S.a. (fincombank S.a.Head Office, ChisinauFTMDMD2X
Bc 'mobiasbanca-groupe Societe Generale' S.a.Head Office, ChisinauMOBBMD22
Bc Energbank S.a.Head Office, ChisinauENEGMD22
Bc Eurocreditbank S.a.Head Office, ChisinauECBMMD2X
Bc Procredit Bank S.a.Head Office, ChisinauPRCBMD22
Cb Moldova-agroindbank SaHead Office, ChisinauAGRNMD2X
ComertbankHead Office, ChisinauCMTBMD2X
Joint-stock Commercial VictoriabankHead Office, ChisinauVICBMD2X
MoldindconbankHead Office, ChisinauMOLDMD2X
National Bank Of MoldovaHead Office, ChisinauNBMDMD2X
Romanian Commercial Bank Chisinau S.a.Head Office, ChisinauRNCBMD2X
Cjsc Agroprombank'Dubossary Branch, DubossaryAGRRMD21DUB
Cjsc Agroprombank'Grigoriopol Branch, GrigoriopolAGRRMD21GRI
Cjsc Agroprombank'Kamenka Branch, KamenkaAGRRMD21KAM
Cjsc Agroprombank'Rybnitsa Branch, RybnitsaAGRRMD21RYB
Cjsc Agroprombank'Slobodzeya Branch, SlobodzeyaAGRRMD21SLB
Cjsc Agroprombank'Head Office, TiraspolAGRRMD21
Cjsc TiraspromstroybankHead Office, TiraspolCJTIMD21
Closed Joint Stock Company (cjsc) 'trans-dniester Savings Bank' ('sberbank'Head Office, TiraspolCJSMMD21
Gazprombank Joint-stock Commercial BankHead Office, TiraspolGAJCMD21
Jscb IpotechniyHead Office, TiraspolIPOJMD21
Trans-dniester Republican BankHead Office, TiraspolPRBTMD21

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