BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Caja Rural De Ahorro Y Credito Chavin SaaPrincipal, HuarazCRHCPEP1001
Banco Azteca Del Peru, S.A.Head Office, LimaAZTKPEPL
Banco Central De Reserva Del PeruHead Office, LimaCRPEPEPL
Banco ContinentalHead Office, LimaBCONPEPL
Banco De ComercioHead Office, LimaBDCMPEPL
Banco De Credito Del PeruHead Office, LimaBCPLPEPL
Banco De La NacionHead Office, LimaBANCPEPL
Banco Financiero Del PeruHead Office, LimaFINAPEPL
Banco Gnb Peru SaHead Office, LimaHBPEPEPL
Banco IberoamericanoHead Office, LimaBAIOPEP1
Banco Interamericano De FinanzasHead Office, LimaBIFSPEPL
Banco Internacional Del Peru (Interbank)Head Office, LimaBINPPEPL
Banco Santander Peru S.A.Head Office, LimaBSAPPEPL
Celfin Capital S.a. Sociedad Agente De BolsaHead Office, LimaCCSTPEP1
Cetco S.A.Head Office, LimaBELPPEPL
Citibank Del Peru S.A.Head Office, LimaCITIPEPL
Cooperativa De Ahorro Y Credito PacificoHead Office, LimaPACCPEP1
Corporacion Financiera De Desarrollo S.A. – CofideHead Office, LimaCOFDPEPL
Credibolsa Sociedad Agente De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, LimaCBOLPEP1
Deutsche Bank (Peru) S.A.Head Office, LimaDEUTPEPL
Financiera De Credito Del PeruHead Office, LimaFCPEPEP1
IntervaloresHead Office, LimaINTVPEP1
Jp Morgan Bank PeruHead Office, LimaCHASPEP1
Kallpa Securities S.a.bHead Office, LimaKAESPEP1
Samsung Electronics Peru S.a.cHead Office, LimaSECTPEP1
Samsung Electronics Peru S.a.cLima 27, LimaSECTPEP1860
Scotiabank Peru S.A.A.Head Office, LimaBSUDPEPL
Banco Nor PeruHead Office, TrujilloBNPEPEP1
Caja Rural De Ahorro Y Credito Chavin SaaHead Office, TrujilloCRHCPEP1
Caja Rural De Ahorro Y Credito Chavin SaaOficina Trujillo, TrujilloCRHCPEP1002

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