BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Accessbank TajikistanHead Office, DushanbeACTJTJ22
Agroinvestbank Open Joint Stock CompanyHead Office, DushanbeAGIBTJ22
Amonatbonk The State Saving Bank Republic Of TajikistanHead Office, DushanbeASSETJ22
Central Asian BankHead Office, DushanbeCEAATJ21
Cjsc 'bonki Rushdi Tojikiston'Head Office, DushanbeBRTATJ22
Cjsc Ib 'kont'Head Office, DushanbeKONTTJ22
Cjsmdo 'spitamen Capital'Head Office, DushanbeSPRBTJ22
Fnbo Creditinvest ZaoHead Office, DushanbeCRZNTJ21
Fononbank CjscHead Office, DushanbeFONOTJ22
KafolatbankHead Office, DushanbeKACJTJ22
Kazkommertsbank TajikistanHead Office, DushanbeKATJTJ21
National Bank Of TajikistanHead Office, DushanbeNATJTJ22
Nbp Pakistan Subsidiary BankHead Office, DushanbeNBPATJ22
Orienbank, Open Joint Stock CompanyHead Office, DushanbeOTJKTJ22
SohibkorbankHead Office, DushanbeSOHBTJ22
Tajprombank ZaoHead Office, DushanbeTAZATJ22
The First MicrofinancebankHead Office, DushanbeFMBTTJ22
TojiksodirotbonkHead Office, DushanbeTOJITJ22
Csd Mdo 'imon International'No branch name, KhujandNABWTJ22
Eskaha Bank Opened Joint Stock CompanyHead Office, KhujandEOJSTJ21
Eskhata Bank Opened Joint Stock CompanyHead Office, KhujandEJSATJ22
Mdo MatinHead Office, KhujandMDMATJ21

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