BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Citibank N.a. UruguayColonia, ColoniaCITIUYMMCOL
Afinidad A.f.a.p.s.a.Head Office, MontevideoAFAAUYM1
Almar S.a.No branch name, MontevideoLMARUYMT
AntelHead Office, MontevideoANTLUYM1
Avenida S.a Empresa De Servicios FinancierosNo branch name, MontevideoAVESUYMM
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay S.a.Head Office, MontevideoBBVAUYMM
Banco Central Del UruguayHead Office, MontevideoCBCUUYMD
Banco Central Del UruguayHead Office, MontevideoCBCUUYMF
Banco Central Del UruguayHead Office, MontevideoCBCUUYMM
Banco Central Del UruguayMontevideo, MontevideoCBCUUYMMFGD
Banco De La Nacion ArgentinaHead Office, MontevideoNACNUYMM
Banco De La Republica Oriental Del UruguayHead Office, MontevideoBROUUYMM
Banco De Prevision SocialHead Office, MontevideoBPSOUYM1
Banco De Seguros Del EstadoHead Office, MontevideoBSEMUYM1
Banco Hipotecario Del UruguayHead Office, MontevideoBHUMUYM1
Banco SantanderHead Office, MontevideoBSCHUYMM
Bandes Uruguay S.a.Head Office, MontevideoCFACUYMM
Banque Heritage (uruguay) S.a. (formerly Banco Surinvest S.a.Head Office, MontevideoSURIUYMM
Bapro UruguayHead Office, MontevideoPRBAUYMM
Bcc Credit And Finance (uruguay) S.a.Head Office, MontevideoBCURUYM1
Bolsa De Valores De MontevideoHead Office, MontevideoXMNTUYM1
Caja De Jub. Y Pens. BancariasHead Office, MontevideoCJPBUYM1
Caja De Jub. Y Pens. Profesion. Univers.Head Office, MontevideoCJPPUYM1
Caja Notarial De Jubilaciones Y Pens.Head Office, MontevideoCJNOUYM1
Cambio Regional S.a.Head Office, MontevideoREGLUYM1
Centro Financiero CooperativoHead Office, MontevideoCFCOUYM1
Centro Sudamericano S.a. (delta Servicios FinancierosNo branch name, MontevideoCSDRUYMM
Chase Manhattan Investments S.a.Head Office, MontevideoCHMIUYM1
Citibank N.a. UruguayHead Office, MontevideoCITIUYMM
Columbusnet S.a.Head Office, MontevideoCOLUUYMM
CopabHead Office, MontevideoCOPAUYM1
Cuentas Del F.g.d.bHead Office, MontevideoSPABUYM1
Depositario Central De ValoresHead Office, MontevideoDECVUYM1
Deutsche Bank (uruguay) S.a.i.f.e.Head Office, MontevideoDEUTUYM1
Discount Bank (latin AmericaHead Office, MontevideoDBLAUYMM
Eurocam SaEjido Branch, MontevideoCBEUUYM10ME
Eurocam SaEl Gaucho Branch, MontevideoCBEUUYM10MG
Eurocam SaHead Office, MontevideoCBEUUYMM
Eurocam SaHead Office, MontevideoCBEUUYM1
Exprinter (uruguay) S.a.Head Office, MontevideoECBUUYMM
Finacam S.a.Head Office, MontevideoFNCMUYM1
Fitch Uruguay Calificadora Riesgo S.a.Head Office, MontevideoFRIPUYM1
Fortigol S.a.Head Office, MontevideoFOTTUYM1
Gales Servicios Financieros S.a.Head Office, MontevideoGSEFUYMM
Hapoalim Latin America S.a.11100 Montevideo, MontevideoPOALUYMM001
Hapoalim Latin America S.a.Head Office, MontevideoPOALUYMM
Hsbc Bank (uruguay) S.a. (formerly Republic National Bank Of New York (uruguay) S.a.Head Office, MontevideoBLICUYMM
I.f.e. Banco Roberts S.a. (uruguayHead Office, MontevideoBACOUYM1
Indumex S.a.Head Office, MontevideoINUXUYM1
Integracion A.f.a.p. S.a.Head Office, MontevideoIAFAUYM1
Lespan.s.aHead Office, MontevideoLSPNUYM1
Loyar S.a.Head Office, MontevideoLOYRUYM1
Lundin Sa-monex Empresa De Servicios FinancierosNo branch name, MontevideoLUNDUYMT
Ministerio De Economia Y FinanzasHead Office, MontevideoTGENUYM1
Money Sur S.a.Head Office, MontevideoMSURUYMM
Nixus S.a.No branch name, MontevideoNIXSUYMM
Nuevo Banco Comercial S.a.Head Office, MontevideoCOMEUYMMALL
Nuevo Banco Comercial S.a.Head Office, MontevideoCOMEUYMM
Piano International Corp.Head Office, MontevideoPMTRUYM1
Plataforma Transaccional BevsaHead Office, MontevideoSIOPUYM1
Plataforma Transaccional BvmHead Office, MontevideoSIBEUYM1
Republica A.f.a.p. S.a.Head Office, MontevideoRAFAUYM1
Secvaloris SaHead Office, MontevideoSECVUYM1
Sistema De Liquidacion BrutaHead Office, MontevideoRTSXUYM1
Sistema De Pagos InterbancariosHead Office, MontevideoSIPNUYM1
South Financial CorporationHead Office, MontevideoSFCOUYM1
Tpcg Financial Services S.a.Head Office, MontevideoTPFSUYM1
Transamerica Casa BancariaHead Office, MontevideoTRCAUYM1
Union-capital A.f.a.p.s.a.Head Office, MontevideoUAFAUYM1
UteHead Office, MontevideoUTEUUYM1
Varlix S.a.Head Office, MontevideoVARLUYM1
Victor Paullier And Cia. Sociedad De Bolsa S.a.Head Office, MontevideoVPCOUYM1
Banco ItauHead Office, Montevideo MvdITAUUYMM
Banco Patagonia (uruguay) S.a.i.f.e.Head Office, Punta Del EsteBPATUYMM
Citibank N.a. UruguayPunta Del Este, Punta Del EsteCITIUYMMPDE
Hapoalim Latin America S.a.Punta Del Este, Punta Del EstePOALUYMM002

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