BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Access Bank (ghana) LimitedHead Office, AccraABNGGHAC
African Alliance Securities LtdNo branch name, AccraAFASGHA1
Agricultural Development BankHead Office, AccraADNTGHAC
Arb Apex Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraAREXGHAC
Bank For Housing And ConstructionForeign Branch, AccraHCONGHA10A2
Bank For Housing And ConstructionHead Office, AccraHCONGHA1
Bank Of Africa-ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraAMMAGHAC
Bank Of Baroda (ghana) LimitedHead Office, AccraBARBGHAC
Bank Of GhanaHead Office, AccraBAGHGHA4
Bank Of GhanaHead Office, AccraBAGHGHAC
Bank Of GhanaNo branch name, AccraBAGHGHA5
Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd.All Branches In Ghana, AccraBARCGHAC
Barclays Bank Of Ghana Ltd.Offshore Banking Unit, AccraBARCGHACOBU
Bsic Ghana LtdHead Office, AccraBSAHGHAC
Cal Bank LimitedCal Bank Custody Services, AccraACCCGHACCBS
Cal Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraACCCGHAC
Cal Brokers LimitedHead Office, AccraCABRGHA1
Cdh Securities LtdHead Office, AccraCDHSGHA1
Chapel Hill Denham Securities (gh) LimitedNo branch name, AccraCHNCGHA1
Citizens Investment BankHead Office, AccraCIINGHA1
Controller And Accountant-general's DepartmentHead Office, AccraCODGGHAC
Databank Brokerage LimitedHead Office, AccraDABRGHA1
Dynast Premier Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraDNPRGHA1
Ebg Stockbrokers Ltd.Head Office, AccraSTORGHA1
Ecobank GhanaAccra, AccraECOCGHACCUS
Ecobank GhanaHead Office, AccraECOCGHAC
Energy Bank Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraENRBGHAC
Fidelity Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraFBLIGHAC
First Atlantic Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraFAMCGHAC
First Atlantic Brokers LimitedHead Office, AccraFABRGHA1
Ghana Commercial Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraGHCBGHAC
Ghana Revenue AuthorityHead Office, AccraGHRAGHAC
Ghana Revenue AuthorityHead Office, AccraGHRAGHA1
Ghana Stock ExchangeHead Office, AccraXGHAGHA1
Gold Coast SecuritiesHead Office, AccraGOCEGHA1
Guaranty Trust Bank (ghana) LtdHead Office, AccraGTBIGHAC
Hfc Bank (ghana) LtdCustody Services, AccraHFCAGHACCSD
Hfc Bank (ghana) LtdHead Office, AccraHFCAGHAC
Ic Securities (gh) LimitedNo branch name, AccraICGHGHA1
International Commercial Bank Ltd.Head Office, AccraINCEGHAC
Magnate Financial Services Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraMFSHGHA1
Merban Stockbrokers LimitedHead Office, AccraMSTCGHA1
Merchant Bank (ghana) Ltd.Head Office, AccraMBGHGHAC
National Investment BankHead Office, AccraNIBGGHAC
New World Renaissance Securities LtdHead Office, AccraNWIVGHA1
Nthc LimitedHead Office, AccraNTHCGHA1
Prudential Bank LimitedHead Office, AccraPUBKGHAC
Sabmiller GhanaNo branch name, AccraSABMGHA1ABL
Sabmiller GhanaNo branch name, AccraSABMGHA1VGL
Sabmiller GhanaNo branch name, AccraSABMGHA1
Sdc Brokerage Services LimitedHead Office, AccraSDBRGHA1
Sic Brokerage LimitedNo branch name, AccraSICGGHA1
Social Security And National Insurance TrustHead Office, AccraSSNTGHAC
Societe Generale Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraSSEBGHAC
Stanbic Bank Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraSBICGHAC
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraSCBLGHAC
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedSecurities Services Unit, AccraSCBLGHACSSU
Sterling Securities LimitedHead Office, AccraSTSIGHA1
Strategic African Securities LimitedHead Office, AccraSARSGHA1
The Royal BankHead Office, AccraTRBGGHAC
Unibank Ghana LimitedHead Office, AccraUBGHGHAC
United Bank For Africa (ghana) LtdHead Office, AccraSTBGGHAC
Ut Bank LtdHead Office, AccraUTBKGHAC
Volta River AuthorityHead Office, AccraVRATGHA1
Zenith Bank (ghana) LimitedHead Office, AccraZEBLGHAC
Agricultural Development BankBolgatanga, BolgatangaADNTGHA10A4
Agricultural Development BankCape Coast, Cape CoastADNTGHA10A3
Agricultural Development BankKumasi, KumasiADNTGHA10A6
Ecobank GhanaKumasi Branch, KumasiECOCGHACKSI
Ghana Commercial Bank LimitedKumasi, KumasiGHCBGHACKSI
Merchant Bank (ghana) Ltd.Kumasi, KumasiMBGHGHACKSI
Societe Generale Ghana LimitedKumasi, KumasiSSEBGHACKSI
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedKumasi, KumasiSCBLGHACKSI
Agricultural Development BankSunyani, SunyaniADNTGHA10A8
Agricultural Development BankTakoradi, TakoradiADNTGHA10A7
Ecobank GhanaTakoradi Branch, TakoradiECOCGHACTDI
Ghana Commercial Bank LimitedTakoradi, TakoradiGHCBGHACTDI
Merchant Bank (ghana) Ltd.Takoradi, TakoradiMBGHGHACTDI
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedTakoradi, TakoradiSCBLGHACTDI
Agricultural Development BankTamale, TamaleADNTGHA10AT
Societe Generale Ghana LimitedTamale, TamaleSSEBGHACTAM
Agricultural Development BankTema, TemaADNTGHA10A2
Ecobank GhanaTema Branch, TemaECOCGHACTMA
Ghana Commercial Bank LimitedTema, TemaGHCBGHACTMA
Merchant Bank (ghana) Ltd.Tema, TemaMBGHGHACTMA
Standard Chartered Bank Ghana LimitedTema, TemaSCBLGHACTMA
Agricultural Development BankWa, WaADNTGHA10A5