BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceAgrinio Branch, AgrinioABGRGRAA203
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceAlexandroupoli Br, AlexandroupoliABGRGRAA208
Co-operative Bank Of Evros, L.l.c.Head Office, AlexandroupoliSTEOGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceArta Br, ArtaABGRGRAA222
A. Sarris Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensSAUEGRA1
Abax Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensABXEGRA1
Aegean Baltic Bank S.A.Head Office, AthensAEBAGRAA
Aeolian Investment Fund S.a.Head Office, AthensAEIFGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceAttikis Br, AthensABGRGRAA207
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceHead Office, AthensABGRGRAA
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceMain Branch, AthensABGRGRAA100
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceNea Smyrni Br, AthensABGRGRAA215
Agricultural Bank Of Greece Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensAGGEGRA1
Alico EurobankHead Office, AthensALEEGRA1
Alke Stockbrokers S.a.Head Office, AthensALKEGRA1
Alpha Bank AeHead Office, AthensCRBAGRAA
Alpha Finance Brokerage Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensALPRGRA1
Alpha Private Investment ServicesHead Office, AthensAPISGRA1
Artion Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensARSIGRA1
Athens Derivatives Exchange S.a. (adex), TheHead Office, AthensXADEGRA1
Athens Stock ExchangeHead Office, AthensXATHGRA1
AthexclearHead Office, AthensATHCGRA1
Athinaiki Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensATSUGRA1
Atlas Securities SaHead Office, AthensATSRGRA1
Attica Bank SaHead Office, AthensATTIGRAA
Axon Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensAXSEGRA1
Bank Of America, N.A. AthensHead Office, AthensBOFAGR2X
Bank Of Cyprus Public Company LimitedHead Office, AthensBCYPGRAA
Bank Of GreeceAccounting Control Section, AthensBNGRGRAA030
Bank Of GreeceAthens, AthensBNGRGRAAST2
Bank Of GreeceAthens, AthensBNGRGRAABRR
Bank Of GreeceAthens Clearing Office, AthensBNGRGRAAACO
Bank Of GreeceBook Entry Securities Management Section, AthensBNGRGRAASSS
Bank Of GreeceBook Entry Securities Managemt Section-corr Central Bk Model Syst, AthensBNGRGRAACCB
Bank Of GreeceCash Processing Section, AthensBNGRGRAA053
Bank Of GreeceData Control Section, AthensBNGRGRAA059
Bank Of GreeceDeposit Accounts Section, AthensBNGRGRAA042
Bank Of GreeceDias-ch, AthensBNGRGRAADIA
Bank Of GreeceDocumentary Credits Section, AthensBNGRGRAA017
Bank Of GreeceEcb Account For Bank Of Greece, AthensBNGRGRAAEUX
Bank Of GreeceForeign Exchange Transcactions Section, AthensBNGRGRAA013
Bank Of GreeceGovernment Securities Custody And Management Section, AthensBNGRGRAA027
Bank Of GreeceHead Office, AthensBNGRGRAA
Bank Of GreeceHermes Rtgs System, AthensBNGRGRAAHRM
Bank Of GreeceLarge-value Payments System Management Section, AthensBNGRGRAACON
Bank Of GreeceMoney Markets Section, AthensBNGRGRAA094
Bank Of GreecePayment Of Public Entities Salaries, AthensBNGRGRAAEAP
Bank Of GreecePayments Of Book Entry Securities Section, AthensBNGRGRAAPBS
Bank Of GreeceReserves Management Backup Section, AthensBNGRGRAA012
Bank Of GreeceSepa Credit Transfer, AthensBNGRGRAASCT
Bank Of GreeceTgt2 Account27, Indirect Member, AthensBNGRGRAABR8
Bank Of GreeceTgt2 Greek Branch Of Kedr-indirect Member, AthensBNGRGRAABRQ
Bank Of GreeceTgt2 Sad Bank Indirect Member, AthensBNGRGRAABR4
Bank Of GreeceTreasury Operations Support Section, AthensBNGRGRAAFXD
Beta Chrimatistiriaki Anonymi Etairia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensBETEGRA1
Bmw Austria Bank GmbhHead Office, AthensBMASGRA1
Bnp Paribas GreceAthens Branch, AthensBNPAGRA1
Bnp Paribas GreceAthens Branch, AthensBNPAGRAA
Bnp Paribas Securities Services, GreeceHead Office, AthensPARBGRAX
Bnpparibas Private Bank-greek BranchHead Office, AthensBPPBGRA1
Capital Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensCSEUGRA1
Cfs Securities And Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensCSIEGRA1
Citibank International Plc - Greek BranchAthens, AthensCITIGRAA731
Citibank International Plc - Greek BranchHead Office, AthensCITIGRAA
Citibank International Plc - Greek BranchRestricted Use Citibank Athens Target 2, AthensCITIGRAASEC
Compagnie Financiere Europeenne S.a.Head Office, AthensECFIGRA1
Consignment Deposits And Loans FundHead Office, AthensCDLFGRA1
Cyclos Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensCYSEGRA1
D.a. Tsekouras Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensTSSCGRA1
Daimlerchrysler Bank Polska SaHead Office, AthensDAPLGRA1
Diethnis Chrimatistiriaki-intersecHead Office, AthensDICHGRA1
Diolkos Asset Management S.a.Head Office, AthensDIAAGRA1
Drax Investment Services S.aHead Office, AthensDSISGRA1
Dynamic Securities S AHead Office, AthensDYCUGRA1
Effect S.a.Head Office, AthensEFFTGRA1
Efg Eurobank Asset Management Anonymi Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensEEAMGRA1
Efg Telesis Finance S AHead Office, AthensEFTFGRA1
Egnatia Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensEGNTGRA1
Elias A. Petropoulakis Securities And Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensEPSIGRA1
Emporiki Asset Management MfmcHead Office, AthensEAMMGRA1
Emporiki Credicom Bank S.a.Head Office, AthensEMCRGRA1
Epic Anonymi Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensEPISGRA1
Erb Eurobank Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensEFESGRA1
Ergo SecuritiesHead Office, AthensERGRGRA1
Etaireia Diacheirisis Eidikou Kefalaiou T.a.p.-o.t.e. Anonymi Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensEDETGRA1
Eurobank Ergasias S.a.Custody Foreign Institutional Investors Dept., AthensERBKGRAASEC
Eurobank Ergasias S.a.No branch name, AthensERBKGRAA
Eurocorp S.a.Head Office, AthensEUORGRA1
Eurocorp Securities SaHead Office, AthensEUEEGRA1
Eurotrust Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensEUECGRA1
Euroxx Securities SaHead Office, AthensEUSSGRA1
Falcon Finance S.a.Head Office, AthensFAFNGRA1
Fidis Bank GmbhHead Office, AthensFIATGRA1
Fortius Finance SecuritiesHead Office, AthensFFISGRA1
G.a. Pervanas Securities And Investment Services Company S.a.Head Office, AthensPSIEGRA1
Gklompal Chrimatodotiseis Ependyseon Anonymi Etaireia SaHead Office, AthensGLOFGRA1
Global Diacheirisi Kefalaion Anonymi Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon Ypiresion SaHead Office, AthensGFMAGRA1
Greek Branch Of Kedr Jcsc CbHead Office, AthensKEDRGRAA
Guardian Trust Chrimatistiriaki Anonymi Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon Ypiresion SaHead Office, AthensGUTUGRA1
Hellenic Exchanges S.A.Head Office, AthensHCSDGRAA
Hellenic Exchanges S.A.Helex Ancillary System, AthensHCSDGRAAASI
Hellenic Post Office S A EltaHead Office, AthensHEPOGR21
Hellenic Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensHLSEGRA1
Hellenicamerican Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensHESUGRA1
Hermes Securities S.a..Head Office, AthensHERMGRA1
Hsbc Bank PlcAll Greek Branches, AthensMIDLGRAA
Hsbc Bank PlcSepa Direct Debits, AthensMIDLGRAASDD
Hsbc Pantelakis Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensMDPSGRA1
Icap GroupHead Office, AthensICGOGRA1
Index Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensIDXEGRA1
Interac Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensITSEGRA1
Interbanking Systems S.aHead Office, AthensDIASGRA1
International Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensINUEGRA1
Intersec S.a.Head Office, AthensITSCGRA1
Investment Bank Of Greece S.A.Head Office, AthensIBOGGRAA
John Chr. Mavrikis Securities Company S.a.Head Office, AthensJCMSGRA1
Kappa Brokerage S.a.Head Office, AthensKPABGRA1
Karamanof Securities And Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensKASNGRA1
Kyprou Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensKYSEGRA1
Laiki Attalos Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensLAAEGRA1
Lambrakis Press SaHead Office, AthensDOLDGRA1
Lavrentakis Stavros Emm. Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensSELCGRA1
Leon Depolas Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensLEDEGRA1
Magna Trust Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensMATCGRA1
Market Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensMAUIGRA1
Megatrust Olympiaki Chrimatistiriaki Anonymi Etairia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensMEBVGRA1
Merit Anonymi Chrimatistiriaki Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensMEUEGRA1
Metochiki Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensMEETGRA1
Midas Financial Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensMIFUGRA1
Ministry Of Ecomony And Finance, General Accounting OfficeHead Office, AthensMFGAGRAA
N.chryssochoidis S.b.s.aHead Office, AthensCHSKGRA1
National Bank Of Greece S.A.Custodian For Foreign Inst Investors, AthensETHNGRAACUS
National Bank Of Greece S.A.Custodian For Greek Inst Investors, AthensETHNGRAAGRI
National Bank Of Greece S.A.Head Office, AthensETHNGRAA
National Securities Co S.a.Head Office, AthensNASOGRA1
New Mellon Asset And Wealth Management SaHead Office, AthensNMAWGR21
Nikos Komninos Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensNIKCGRA1
Northern Greece Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensNOGSGRA1
Nuntius Hellenic Securities S AHead Office, AthensNUNTGRA1
Olympia Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensOLSCGRA1
P K Securities AeHead Office, AthensPKSEGRA1
Pan. Vl. Tzemos Securities Company S.a.Head Office, AthensPTECGRA1
Pandk S.a.Head Office, AthensPADDGRA1
Pandk Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensPAECGRA1
Pegasus Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensPESUGRA1
Pentedekas Securities SaHead Office, AthensPESRGRA1
Pinnacle FinancialHead Office, AthensPFEAGRA1
Piraeus Bank SaHead Office, AthensPIRBGRAA
Piraeus Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensSIGSGRA1
Praxis International Securities And Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensPISNGRA1
Prelium Securities And Investment Services S.a.Head Office, AthensPSISGRA1
Sarros Securities SaHead Office, AthensSARRGRA1
Social Insurance Institute Unified Insurance Fund For EmployeesHead Office, AthensSIIUGRA1
Societe Generale Bank And Trust (hellasHead Office, AthensSGBTGRA1
Societe Generale GreeceHead Office, AthensSGGRGRA1
Solidus Securities Anonymos Chrimatistiriaki Etaireia Parochis Ependytikon YpiresionHead Office, AthensSOSXGRA1
T.C. Ziraat Bankasi Athens Central BranchHead Office, AthensTCZBGRAT
Telesis Securities SaHead Office, AthensTESCGRA1
Themist. Sot. Sotiriadis Chrimatistiriaki Anonymos EtaireiaHead Office, AthensTHSTGRA1
Unicredit Bank Ag (Hypovereinsbank) AthensHead Office, AthensHYVEGRAA
Unicredit Bank Ag (Hypovereinsbank) AthensTarget2, AthensHYVEGRAATRS
Union De Creditos Inmobiliarios S.a. Establecimiento Financiero De CreditoHead Office, AthensUCISGRA1
Volkswagen Bank GmbhHead Office, AthensVOWAGRA1
Zacharias G. Portalakis S.a. Brokerage FirmHead Office, AthensZPBFGRA1
Zeus Securities S.a.Head Office, AthensZESEGRA1
Samsung Electronics Greece SChalandri, ChalandriSECTGR214N2
Samsung Electronics Greece SHead Office, Chalandri AthensSECTGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceChalkida Branch, ChalkidaABGRGRAA201
Co-operative Bank Of Evia, L.l.c.Head Office, ChalkidaSTEBGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceChania Branch, ChaniaABGRGRAA109
Cooperative Bank Of Chania Coop. L.l.Head Office, ChaniaSTXAGRA1
Cooperative Bank Of Corinthia Coop. L.l.Head Office, CorinthSTKPGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceDrama Br, DramaABGRGRAA216
Co-operative Bank Of Drama, L.l.c.Head Office, DramaSTDRGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceFlorina Br, FlorinaABGRGRAA220
Citibank N.A.Glyfada, GlyfadaCITIGR210AG
Olayan Investments Company EstablishmentHead Office, GlyfadaOLAYGR22
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceHeraklion Branch, HeraklionABGRGRAA300
Pancretan Cooperative Bank LtdHead Office, HeraklionSTPGGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceIoannina Branch, IoanninaABGRGRAA103
Cooperative Bank Of Epirus L.t.d.Head Office, IoanninaSTIOGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKalamata Branch, KalamataABGRGRAA108
Cooperative Bank Of DodecaneseHead Office, Kalithies RodosSTDOGRA1
Cetelem Sa Cetelem BankHead Office, KallitheaCETEGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKarditsa Br, KarditsaABGRGRAA218
Co-operative Bank Of Karditsa, L.l.c.Head Office, KarditsaSTKAGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKastoria Branch, KastoriaABGRGRAA104
Citibank N.A.52100 Kastoria, KastoriaCITIGR21022
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKaterini Branch, KateriniABGRGRAA106
Co-operative Bank Of Pieria, L.l.c.Head Office, KateriniSTPIGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKavala Branch, KavalaABGRGRAA800
European Reliance Finance S.a.Head Office, KhalandriEURNGR21
Alpha Trust Investment Services S.aHead Office, KifisiaATIEGR21
Greek Greenhouse Gas Emissions RegistryHead Office, KifisiaGGGEGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKomotini Br, KomotiniABGRGRAA219
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceKozani Br, KozaniABGRGRAA206
Co-operative Bank Of Western MacedoniaHead Office, KozaniSTKZGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceLamia Branch, LamiaABGRGRAA204
Co-operative Bank Of Lamia, L.l.c.Head Office, LamiaSTLMGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceLarissa Branch, LarissaABGRGRAA101
Citibank N.A.Head Office, LarissaCITIGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceLivadia Br, LivadiaABGRGRAA110
Gmac Bank GmbhHead Office, MaroussiOPELGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceMytilini Br, MytiliniABGRGRAA214
Cooperative Bank Of Lesvos-limnosHead Office, MytiliniSTMIGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreecePatra Branch, PatraABGRGRAA700
Cooperative Bank Of AchaiaHead Office, PatraSTAXGRA1
Fce Bank PlcHead Office, PeristeriFOGRGRA1
Agricultural Bank Of GreecePiraeus Br, PiraeusABGRGRAA210
Citibank International Plc - Greek BranchPiraeus, PiraeusCITIGRAA732
Hsbc Bank PlcSecurities Services, PiraeusMIDLGRAAGSS
Royal Bank Of Scotland PlcHead Office, PiraeusRBOSGRAA
Cooperative Bank Of ThessaliaHead Office, Pyli TrikalonSTTKGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceRhodos Br, RhodosABGRGRAA228
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceSerres Br, SerresABGRGRAA211
Cooperative Bank Of SerresHead Office, SerresCOESGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceThessaloniki Branch, ThessalonikiABGRGRAA200
Bank Of GreeceThessaloniki Branch, ThessalonikiBNGRGRAA121
Black Sea Trade And Development BankHead Office, ThessalonikiBSTDGR2T
Citibank International Plc - Greek BranchThessaloniki, ThessalonikiCITIGRAA733
Energon Capital Finance Investment Services S.a.Head Office, ThessalonikiECFNGR21
Investment Analysis Financial Services S.a.Head Office, ThessalonikiINLSGR21
National Investment Bank For Industrial Development S.a.Head Office, ThessalonikiINIDGR21
Northern Hellenic Investment Services S.a.Head Office, ThessalonikiNHISGR21
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceVolos Branch, VolosABGRGRAA102
Agricultural Bank Of GreeceXanthi Branch, XanthiABGRGRAA500