BankCity & BranchSWIFT BIC Code
National Securities Company SaogHead Office, Al Harthy ComplexNASGOMR1
Ahli Bank S.a.o.gAl Hilal, MuscatAUBOOMRUALH
Alizz Islamic BankHead Office, MuscatIZZBOMR1
Alizz Islamic BankNo branch name, MuscatIZZBOMRU
Bank NizwaHead Office, MuscatBNZWOMRX
Bank Of Beirut S.a.l.-oman BranchHead Office, MuscatBABEOMRX
Bankmuscat SaogHead Office, MuscatBMUSOMRX
Efg Hermes Oman LlcHead Office, MuscatEFGHOMM1
Ministry Of FinanceHead Office, MuscatMINIOMRU
Muscat Securities MarketHead Office, MuscatXMUSOMM1
National Bank Of Abu Dhabi, Oman Main BranchHead Office, MuscatNBADOMRX
National Bank Of OmanHead Office, MuscatNBOMOMRX
National Bank Of OmanTrade Services, MuscatNBOMOMRXTSS
Octal Petrochemicals FzcHead Office, MuscatOPCFOMRX
Oman United Exchange Co. LlcHead Office, MuscatOMUEOMR1
Qatar National BankHead Office, MuscatQNBAOMRX
Standard Chartered BankHead Office, MuscatSCBLOMRX
State Bank Of India, Muscat, OmanHead Office, MuscatSBINOMRX
Vision Securities Company LlcHead Office, MuscatVSCLOMR1
Al Shalman Securities Co (saogHead Office, MuttrahSHEAOMR1
Bank Of Baroda, Greater Muttrah BranchSalalah Branch, MuttrahBARBOMMXSAL
Habib Bank LimitedHead Office, MuttrahHBZUOMM1
National Bank Of Abu Dhabi, Oman Main BranchTrade Finance Department, MuttrahNBADOMRXTFO
Ahli Bank S.a.o.gHead Office, RuwiAUBOOMRU
Al Amin Securities Company LlcHead Office, RuwiASMLOMR1
Al Madina Financial And Investment Services Co. (s.a.o.gHead Office, RuwiMFIEOMR1
Al Qurum Investment Services (saocHead Office, RuwiQURUOMR1
Al Shurooq Securities Co LlcHead Office, RuwiSHUROMR1
Bank Dhofar (s.a.o.g.Head Office, RuwiBDOFOMRU
Bank Dhofar (s.a.o.g.Maisarah Islamic Banking Services, RuwiBDOFOMRUMIB
Bank Of Baroda, Greater Muttrah BranchHead Office, RuwiBARBOMMX
Bank Sohar S.a.o.gHead Office, RuwiBSHROMRU
Bank Sohar S.a.o.gSohar Islamic, RuwiBSHROMRUISL
Central Bank Of OmanHead Office, RuwiCBOMOMRU
Financial Services Company SaogHead Office, RuwiFIVOOMR1
Global Financial Services Co.Head Office, RuwiFISOOMR1
Gulf Investment Services Co. (s.a.o.gHead Office, RuwiGISCOMR1
Habib Bank OmanHead Office, RuwiHABBOMRX
Hsbc Bank Oman S.a.o.g (formerly Hsbc Bank Middle EastHead Office, RuwiBBMEOMRX
International Financial ServicesHead Office, RuwiIFELOMR1
Middle East Brokerage CompanyHead Office, RuwiMEBCOMR1
Muscat Depository And Securities Registration Co SaocHead Office, RuwiMDSROMR1
Muzn Islamic Banking Trading Under National Bank Of OmanHead Office, RuwiMUZNOMR1
National Bank Of OmanMuzn Islamic Banking, RuwiNBOMOMRXIBS
National Bank Of OmanMuzn Islamic Trade Finance, RuwiNBOMOMRXITF
Oman And Emirates Investment Holding Co SaogHead Office, RuwiOMEMOMR1
Oman And Uae Exchange Centre Co LlcHead Office, RuwiOUAEOMRU
Oman Arab Bank SaocAl-yusr Islamic Banking, RuwiOMABOMRUYSR
Oman Arab Bank SaocHead Office, RuwiOMABOMRU
Oman Banking Corp.Head Office, RuwiBOGUOMR1
Oman International Development And Investment Company SaogHead Office, RuwiOIDIOMR1
Oman Investments Services (saocHead Office, RuwiOISOOMR1
Oman Security Portfolio Co. (saogHead Office, RuwiOSPOOMR1
United Securities L.l.c.Head Office, RuwiUSECOMR1
Vision Investment Services Co (s.a.o.cHead Office, RuwiVISIOMR1
Global Financial Investments S.a.o.gHead Office, Ruwi / MuscatGFISOMR1